Interpersonal Communications for the Professional Communicator

For the Public Safety Telecommunicator, effectiveness as a communicator is often measured in terms of life or death. To be most effective, we must go beyond how to communicate to the why we communicate as we do. Enhance your communication skills with the recognition of common barriers and techniques for self awareness.

Cautiously Empathetic for Those That Care

There is an expectation that first responders will be empathetic despite the circumstances. Yet, empathy is not an unlimited emotional resource. Learn how to care without burning out.

Train Like A Master

According to Socrates, education is not the filling of a vessel, rather the lighting of a flame. The techniques for effective teaching have long been established. Learn how to light a flame and engage adult learners with this interactive workshop.

Fundamental Training for the Public Safety Telecommunicator

This 40 hour course exceeds the national standard set forth by the Recommended Minimum Training Guidelines for Telecommunicators in providing the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for a newly hired telecommunicator. Additionally, the innovative design of this course develops the critical thinking skills necessary for the application of knowledge to real world scenarios.

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